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Privacy Policy

When booking a ticket to the Bom exhibition or registering in one of our competitions, provide you have access to information about you. Here you can read what information we collect, how we do it and what we use them.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that can be linked to a person, such as name,
place of residence, phone number, e-mail address, IP address.

What rules apply to handling personal information?

Bomässan is responsible for the handling of personal information collected when you order tickets or register in one of our competitions. The broom fair follows
Personal Data Act in the processing of personal data.

What information do we collect about you?

Information you provide

  • When you order an entrance ticket to one of our Bomber exhibitions
  • When you sign up for one of the Bomber competitions. (Name, Address, Postal Code, City, Gender, Date of Birth, E-mail and Phone Number.)


Information we collect about your use at

  • What technique you use. Whether it’s on laptop, tablet or mobile phone,
    which browser you use, IP address, network operator, and the like.
  • What you do. For example, which pages you visit.
  • Where you are. We register your geographical location based on your IP address or others types of space.


Where is the information stored?

The information is stored in our databases.

Information from other sources

If we lack information, we will get it from third parties to help us
analyze the marketing of the fair, the use of bomä and improve ours

What is the information used for?

We are constantly working to give you a good experience of the Bom exhibition, and here are the main ones the purposes we use personal information to:

  1. Invite you to future fairs. To do this we need your email and
    phone number so we can send information to you. We use the address to
    map which of our fairs is most interesting to you.
  2. Understand market trends and needs through statistics. We analyze data like age and gender to improve and further develop the Bom exhibition.



We carry out investigations on our own after each Bom exhibition. Target audience for these surveys are those who have registered to participate in any of our competitions or downloaded a free ticket.

Is the information shared with others?

No, the information is only used by the Bom exhibition.

Deletion of personal data

We have routines for deletion. You can check any information at any time
about you at the bottom of this page. You can also request that these be deleted in the same process. You can also request that you remove information we have about you. It is Very easy to call (036-19 96 90) or send us an email (
You will receive an annual invitation to one or two of our events. At this
Invitation will be easy to read how to delete from our systems.
The main rule is that personal data is stored for 6 years from registration in our database or when
You were last updated in the database (ordered ticket or registered in a competition).

Children’s integrity

We do not want to collect or otherwise process personal data about children under the age of 16.
If children under the age of 16 have given us personal information, for example, by ordering ticket or sign up for a contest, we will delete the information as soon as we become aware of the relationship. Guardian can contact us as below.


Information Removal Request

By submitting the form below you request for your information to be removed from our database.

You will receive an email from us to confirm this request (don’t forget to check your spam folder if you don’t see in your inbox).